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Millions of dollars are spent each year by companies creating and supporting the image of their brand. And yet one of the most frequent touch points – speech technology systems – is frequently overlooked. As technology continues to drive business transactions with more current and prospective customers and suppliers reaching out through voice-driven vehicles, the importance of what voice speaks for your brand continues to grow.

Speech technology and the impact it can have on the image of a brand has required yet another re-thinking of how research must be a part of the marketing effort. In conjunction with Marcus Graham, author of Voice Branding and President of GM Voices, Primary Research has created a unique research program that helps companies identify...

  • how well their voice systems meet caller's needs
  • the impression created by the voice selected to deliver the message
  • what words and phrases best guide the caller through menu options
Think about the voice that answers your phones, guides callers through an automated customer service system, takes orders or attempts to answer questions – is it a voice consistent with your brand or company image? Is it helping or hindering a caller from completing a task electronically which eliminates the need to talk with a “live” person?

Primary Research and GMI can provide guidance as you create or redesign your company's vocal touchpoints.