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Anyone can do qualitative, but not everyone can do it well.

At Primary Research, the only reason we do qualitative is because we know we do it well – our clients have been telling us that for over 27 years. Not only do they continue to award us their qualitative projects, they praise us for...

  • the discussions we have deciding on what is the best qualitative design to meet the study objective
  • how quickly we can “field” a project, write a screener and coordinate all the details
  • how our discussion guides translate business issues into respondent language
  • the way in which we quickly develop rapport with respondents and insure that all group members participate in the conversation
  • the way we guide the discussion, pick up on nuances, challenge contradictory comments and ask the questions that back room viewers are thinking about
  • the reports we write which concisely summarize the results, include marketing recommendations and are delivered shortly after the groups are concluded

Whether we’re conducting...

  • traditional focus groups
  • in-depth interviews
  • mini groups
  • maxi-groups
  • diads or triads
  • recall focus groups or,
  • ideation sessions,

our clients experience an unsurpassed level of qualitative excellence.

We love conducting qualitative research and it shows.