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Direct marketing research has gone through many evolutions over the past 30 years. Initially it was direct mail, catalogs and in-bound “800” numbers that delivered products and services directly to the customer. Primary Research was one of the first research companies to assist clients in “putting their packages to the test, before they put them in the mail.” The firm also developed new research approaches like the “What’s Hot, What’s Not” program to meet the specific needs of catalog companies.

As database marketing began to gain momentum, Primary Research was again at the forefront helping companies and agencies fine-tune the messages that were created for different market segments.

Now it’s the Internet that Primary Research has responded to by modifying research designs in order to assist web designers and marketing managers to better meet the demands of those who turn to the Internet for information and to make purchases.

Research can eliminate many of the surprises that even the most experienced direct marketer cannot anticipate.