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When time is of the essence or budgets are really tight, companies often feel that the only option they have is to proceed without conducting any research. snap test™ was designed to identify potential problems and their solutions in a very short period of time and for relatively little money. This approach...

  • can be used to evaluate concepts, advertising names, logos, packaging, promotions, direct marketing packages or catalogs, billing statements
  • is conducted in one day with a lead time of less than ten days
  • consists of 15 in-depth interviews, each one of which lasts no longer than 20 minutes
  • provides immediate “reads” as to where problems might exist and suggestions as to how they can be remedied
  • delivers a written summary report within 72 hours
  • is completed by a professional moderator who has marketing as well as research experience
  • is cost effective with a price considerably lower than traditional qualitative in-depths

Decision making information at the snap of a finger.