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A package is often the first and last impression a potential buyer has of a company's product at point-of-sale. No matter how well an advertising campaign communicates a product message, no matter how substantive a financial incentive is offered, individuals look at and evaluate a product or service based on how well it is packaged. Does your package pass the test and move the product from the shelf into the buyer's cart? And even if it does pass this initial test, will the product or service deliver up to expectations created by the package?

The minimal amount of a brand's research dollars that are spent on package testing indicates that many marketers do not realize the importance of this element of the marketing mix. But those who do, have come to rely on relatively easy, quick and inexpensive ways to test packages at various steps in the design process so that what eventually gets introduced to the market is eye-catching, interest generating and consistent with what the product will deliver. That's where Primary Research comes in.

At Primary Research we employ a variety of techniques that:

  • uncover brand equities that must be incorporated into a package design
  • identify the most appealing visual elements
  • determine the right mix and priority of product information
  • compare test packages with those of the competitors to insure brand differentiation.

Primary Research can help create the lens through which current and prospective customers see your product.